Rhubarb Recipes Contest: Vote For Your Favorite Dish

With an excitement for spring and a strong love for rhubarb, we set out looking for the best, most delicious rhubarb recipe to honor this time of year. We put a call out to you home cooks to share your favorite rhubarb dish and enter for a chance to win our Kitchen Daily Recipe Showdown (and a really great Wusthof Classic Chai Dao knife).

We got recipes for rhubarb pie (a favorite for sure), rhubarb and ginger jam, and even a roasted strawberry rhubarb cheesecake ice cream (yum!). But now we leave it in your hands. Click through the recipes and vote on your favorite using the star system (five stars for your favorite). Once the top three have been selected, we'll make them in our kitchen to determine an ultimate rhubarb recipe winner.

Click through the slideshow below and cast your vote!

Rhubarb Contest