Rhye's 'Woman': Equal Bits Soul And Electronic Pop, The Mysterious Band Releases Their First Record (VIDEO)

Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal operate under the collective pseudonym, Rhye, a simple, slightly mysterious band name that began popping up on the internet early last year. That was when the alluring LA-based duo began posting soul-infused, electronic pop songs to a worldwide audience.

On March 4, the part-Canadian, part-Danish group will debut their first album, "Woman," a 10-song LP that gushes with sexualized lyrics and dense, jazz-inclined instrumentation. Garnering comparisons to Sade and Tracey Thorn, you'd be surprised to know that the breathy vocals of Rhye's record belong to Mr. Milosh, a singer and instrumentalist who knows how to showcase the softness of his contralto pipes. In fact, both partners are male, yet they produce arresting, bedroom music we tend to associate with the wailing women of contemporary music.

Perhaps Rhye is following in the trend of hard-to-place singer-songwriters like Frank Ocean and Miguel, who tip toe around genres, medling components of funk, R&B and soul to create a new brand of pop we can all admire.

So much music today is perversely sexualized,” Milosh said in an interview with The New York Times. “It’s guys bragging about being hot, about ‘getting girls,’ getting ‘bitches.’ It’s very tiresome to me. People aren’t actually like that. The things that really make people happy, you know, it’s intimacy and being loved.”

Listen to the single "Open" below. You can find more of Rhye's music here and album information here.