Rhymefest To Run For 20th Ward Alderman? (VIDEO)

When an actor, musician or comedian decides to run for public office, they usually go big. But Chicago-based hip hop artist Rhymefest might be staying close to home.

After releasing a YouTube video titled "Unify Chicago's 20th Ward on October 21st," it's looking like Che "Rhymefest" Smith is going to run for alderman in Chicago's 20th Ward.

According to the Onion's A.V. Club, sources have said that Rhymefest is planning to announce his candidacy on Thursday at the Exclusively Yours Auto Spa in Washington Park.

Willie B. Cochran is currently the 20th Ward alderman. No word yet on his plans for reelection.

Rhymefest co-wrote "Jesus Walks" with Kanye West and released his second album "El Che" in June.

WATCH Rhymefest's not-so-cryptic video here: