Ric Ocasek Cut Paulina Porizkova Out Of His Will For Abandonment: Report

The Cars singer and his supermodel wife announced they had "peacefully separated" in 2018. He died in September at age 75.

The wife of the late Cars frontman Ric Ocasek will have to face the music: He cut her out of his will.

“I have made no provision for my wife Paulina Porizkova (“Paulina”) as we are in the process of divorcing,” says the will, signed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer weeks before his death, according to the New York Post, which viewed the document.

“Even if I should die before our divorce is final … Paulina is not entitled to any elective share … because she has abandoned me.”

Former supermodel Porizkova, who discovered Ocasek’s body on Sept. 15, announced in May 2018 that they had “peacefully separated.” The two met while filming the Cars’ music video “Drive” in 1984, married in 1989 and had two sons together.

Porizkova said she and family and friends were “utterly devastated” by the death. Ocasek, 75, died of a heart attack brought on by cardiovascular disease.

A filing of Ocasek’s assets indicated $5 million in copyrights, $100,000 in “tangible personal property” and $15,000 in cash, the Post reported. An estates attorney told the tabloid the new wave rocker likely had more stashed away elsewhere.

Porizkova, 54, first appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1984 and has had a successful modeling career that included a lucrative Estée Lauder contract.

HuffPost couldn’t immediately reach Porizkova or the person listed as the will’s executor.

Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek, pictured in 2016.
Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek, pictured in 2016.
Gilbert Carrasquillo via Getty Images

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