10 Characters Made Out Of Rice That Are Cuter Than Cute

Nothing beats rice balls with bangs. Nothing.

You may have spotted them before, while clicking through the internet. Maybe you were searching for something to eat, or you were just scrolling through tumblr looking for nothing at all. And all of the sudden, you see it: an adorable panda. A panda so cute it stops you in your tracks. With one more glance, you soon realize that you can EAT this panda because he's made entirely out of rice (and seaweed).

Welcome to the wonderful world of rice characters, where you'll meet kittens, ghosts, pandas and all kinds of adorable creations that you can eat. Most of these rice characters are a creative take on onigiri -- the popular Japanese rice balls. But some of them are just created for the sake of being cute. And almost all of them are made for kids lunches, because of course.

We rounded up our favorite examples for you. Here are all the types of rice characters you can find -- get ready for loads of cute, guys.

Pandas head, of course
Anna Hezel/Food52
Get the Panda head rice recipe from Anna Hezel via Food52
Ones that look like donuts AND cats.
Bento Monsters
Get the donut cat recipe from Bento Monsters
All of the Disney characters
Bento Monster
Get the Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Daisy recipe from Bento Monsters
Ghostly ones
Flickr: gamene
Get the rice ghost from Happy Little Bento blog
Hipster ones
Flickr: doctor muerte
We don't have a tutorial for this guy, but aren't his bangs awesome?
Entire panda families
Bento Monsters
Did you spot the baby panda in that box?

Get the Panda family recipe from Bento Monsters
Winky ones
Flickr: katierose95
We don't have a tutorial for this one either, but we're pretty sure you can figure it out ;)
Soccer balls, because everyone loves the World Cup
Bento Monsters
Get the soccer ball recipefrom Bento Monsters
Bento Monsters
Get the Totoro Rice Character recipe from Bento Monsters
And ones with superhero powers
Bento Monsters
You're looking at Spiderman there, and you can eat him, guys.

Get the Spiderman Bento recipe from Bento Monsters

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