Rice Gives "Less Than Hearty" Endorsement To Palin (VIDEO)

"In a weekend interview, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice passed up an opportunity to defend Sarah Palin from allegations that she does not have the foreign policy experience to be vice president," ABC News reports.

In a less-than-hearty endorsement, Rice declined to say anything more positive about Palin than "she gave a terrific speech" and "she's a governor of a state here in the United States" during her interview with Zain Verjee of CNN.

Asked point-blank if Palin has enough experience, Rice said, "These are decisions that Senator McCain has made. I have great confidence in him." Confidence in Palin? Rice didn't say.

Rice added: "I'm not going to get involved in this political campaign. As Secretary of State, I don't do that. But I thought her speech was wonderful."

Via ThinkProgress, here's the video:

As TP notes, "By comparison, Rice responded to Sen. Barack Obama's pick of Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate last month by saying that 'Biden is obviously a very fine statesman.'"