Rice: Hillary Clinton "Terrific ... She'll Do A Great Job" (VIDEO)

Outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told George Stephanopolous on "This Week" Sunday that she has spoken to Sen. Hillary Clinton, President-elect Barack Obama's pick for State.

"She's terrific," Rice said. "I have known her for a long time, ever since she brought her freshman daughter to Stanford when I was provost at Stanford. I think she's going to be terrific."


"President-elect Obama has made his choice and he's made a terrific choice," she added. "Hillary Clinton is someone of intelligence and she'll do a great job. She also has what's most important to be Secretary of State, and that is that you love this country and you represent it from the basic of faith in it's values, and I know that she will do that."

Rice said she looks forward to returning to her life at Stanford University in about a month.
She plans to work on K-12 education issues.

"I'm going to go back to Hoover at Stanford University, back west of the Mississippi where I belong," Rice said. "I really do believe that if we don't prepare our people for the concerns, the jobs of the 21st century, that we're going to turn inward, and we're going to protect, and if the United States turns inward and protects, the whole world will and that'll be a bad thing."

On "Fox News Sunday," Rice said she takes responsibility for what went wrong in Iraq. But she defended the decision to go to war.

"Across the world, people believed Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction," she said. "While it's fair to go back and say, 'What might we have done differently?' the truth of the matter is we don't have that luxury."

"I still believe that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein is going to turn out to be a great strategic achievement, not just for the Bush administration, but for the United States of America," she added.