Readers' Rich Cats Of Instagram PHOTOS: Send Us Pics Of Your Pampered Kitties

If you haven't already heard about the $assy felines taking over photo streams everywhere, then it's time to check out the "Rich Cats of Instagram," or #RCOI.

This kitty craze was inspired by Tumblr blog "Rich Kids of Instagram," which (now infamously) documents some of the wealthiest children in the world via their public Instagram photos. Just like the ridiculously monied kids who ride in private jets and prefer cruising the strip in Porsches, the wealthy fluff balls of Instagram also have their own Tumblr, where you can see them wearing diamonds, playing with iPads and much more.

Earlier this month, we collected our favorite Instagram pics of prissy kitties. Readers also chimed in with their own #RCOI submission, and now we've got a few more one-percenter cats to show off!

Check out the slideshow (below) of fabulous felines, submitted by HuffPost readers.

Feel free to insert your own pampered cat into the mix by pushing the "Add a slide" button (above the slideshow). You can also email your submissions to us a, or tweet your pics at us (@HuffPostTech) using the #RCOI hashtag. Then check out our previous Rich Cats Of Instagram gallery.