Boston Celtics President Rich Gotham Talks Jason Collins: 'He Seems Happier Now'


Rich Gotham, President of the Boston Celtics, is proud of the NBA's social progress.

"The NBA has a great legacy," he told Huff Post Live's Roy Sekoff, citing Jason Collins as an example of that. "I don't think the players think it's a big deal. I don't say it's a non-issue because I know that Jason represents a lot of people in coming fourth but I think to the guys in the locker-room, they're like 'okay, he can either play or he can't,' and he can play so we're happy to have him."

Gotham mentioned that he feels that Collins is "happier now," and that he thinks it's "great that he's able to lead his life the way he wants to."

Watch the full interview below:

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