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Rich Hil Responds To Observer Profile, Wears Dad's Boxers Every Day

Last month, the Observer profiled Tommy Hilfiger's 21-year-old rapper son who goes by the moniker "Rich Hil."

In the Observer's highly entertaining interview, Richard offered bon mots such as "I learned that alcohol and coke? Is kind of for f****ts." Enlightening.

We've since wondered how Rich, who inked a record deal with Warner Brothers Records this summer (a year after being arrested for selling drugs), had reacted to the less-than-flattering feature.

Fortunately, our friends at Styleite approached the young Greenwich, CT, native at his dad's spring 2012 show last night to ask how felt about the piece. Predictably, Rich told Styleite that the story made him "really sad."

But, you know what makes him happy? Wearing Tommy's designs!

“I wear my dad's boxers every day,” he proclaimed.

We have to say, Tommy Hilfiger's offspring have been an endless source of entertainment. We've been waiting for 2004's "Rich Girls," which documented the antics of daughter Ally, to be released on DVD for years.

The parents are fairly entertaining as well. Just today the Daily Front Row asked Tommy Hilfiger and wife Dee Ocleppo what their rap names are and got this response:

TH: Her name is Dizzle.

DO: No! It’s “Dizzle with a Shizzle.”

TH: And my name is Tommy Bomby, or Tommy the Bomb.

Rich Hil, you've taught them well.