Rich Kids Of Instagram: Viral Tumblr Showcases Photos Of Wealthy Teens (LOOK)

Meet The 'Rich Kids Of Instagram' (PHOTOS)

Ever wondered what it's like to take the family's private jet to St. Tropez or get the keys to a brand-new Porsche for your sweet 16? Now, thanks to a new Tumblr "The Rich Kids Of Instagram," voyeurs can get a sneak peak at the lifestyles of rich and the famous teenagers.

While most teens are Instagramming photos of cupcakes and pep rallies, these young members of the one percent prefer to share images of their Tom Ford suits and sprawling mansions. Yep, life is good for the barely-legal elite.

Check out five photos of the young, fabulous life in the slideshow below, and click over to the Tumblr page for more.

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Rich Kids of Instagram

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