Lawyers Say Man Who Stormed Nancy Pelosi's Office Used Nicer Version Of Sexist Slur

Attorneys for Richard "Bigo" Barnett say the government is trying to frame their client “in the worst possible light.” But the best possible light isn't great, either.

Lawyers for an insurrectionist accused of storming the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot are attempting to argue their client referred to the congresswoman as “biatch,” and not the supposedly harsher “bitch.”

Capitol rioter Richard “Bigo” Barnett became infamous after he was photographed sitting in a chair in Pelosi’s office during the insurrection. During his time in the office, he left a note that read, “Hey Nancy Bigo was here Biatd,” according to the New York Post. 

Court documents filed Friday by Barnett’s attorney, Joseph McBride, argue that his client was calling the congresswoman a “biatch,” which he claims is “a slang and less offensive word for ‘bitch.’”

For the record, UrbanDictionary.com defines “biatch” as a “gangster” substitute for bitch, adding that “somehow, this word has found its way into the mouths of every white teen in America.”

McBride said the government is purposely ignoring the difference between “biatch” and “bitch” in order to frame Barnett “in the worst possible light” in order to deny his bid for bail.

It remains to be seen whether the court will consider McBride’s semantic argument, but it seems doubtful.