Richard Bey: I Worked With Sean Hannity, He Knows Nothing

Sirius Left host Richard Bey appeared on HuffPost Live Wednesday with Jeremy Newburger, the director of "Evocateur: The Life Of Morton Downey Jr.," to discuss the origins of right-wing media stars like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh in reference to the 1980s right-wing talk show host, Morton Downey Jr.

Bey pointed out an important distinction between the departed Morton Downey Jr. and current right-wing media stars: "I don't think people really took Mort seriously....People really take Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity seriously. People buy their books."

"I worked at ABC Radio with Sean {Hannity}," Bey told host Ricky Camilleri. "He doesn't know anything about history. He knows what they give him on the talking points."