Richard Branson And A Naked Denni Parkinson

Richard Branson And A Naked Denni Parkinson

New pictures are online of Richard Branson cavorting around his private island Necker with a naked supermodel.

Branson was posing for photographer Stephane Gautronneau when he asked Branson if model Denni Parkinson, Gautronneau's girlfriend who was present at the time, could get in some pictures.

She clung to the billionaire's back while he kite surfed and also lolled around on the sand as Branson stood on the shore in a white linen shirt.

Branson told the Mail on Sunday 'What can you say if you are asked to pose with a naked lady? I only wish I had eyes in the back of my head.'

The paper added Branson's wife and two grown children watched the shoot from the shore.

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