Richard Branson Becomes A Human Bowling Ball During Chicago Bulls Game

Meet the world's most valuable bowling ball.

Billionaire businessman and noted thrill-seeker Richard Branson became a human bowling ball on Wednesday night as part of a stunt during a game between the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks.

Branson, who was in the Windy City for the opening of his first Virgin Hotel, allowed Benny the Bull to put him into a slingshot contraption:

richard branson

Branson was launched at a set of oversized pins:

richard branson

Took aim:

richard branson

And managed to knock down two of the six pins:

richard branson

Branson hit a foam wall on the other side, then came up smiling and waving to the crowd:

richard branson

"Glad he's walking away there," one of the announcers joked after mentioning that Branson declined a safety helmet for the stunt. "That could've been ugly."

The Bulls beat the Hawks, 91-85.

The NBA playoffs get under way this weekend, with Chicago taking on the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday and the Hawks facing the New Jersey Nets on Sunday.



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