Richard Branson Says We're All Guilty Of This Retirement Mistake

Time for a perspective change.

He’s already made his billions and built a business empire, but don’t ask Richard Branson when he’s going to call it a day. The 66-year-old entrepreneur says that, when it comes to retirement, most people think about it all wrong.

Instead of dreaming of spending your golden years relaxing on a sunny beach with a fruity drink in hand, Branson says you should think of work and life as an experience rather than any kind of path to a destination. 

“I don’t believe that retirement should be the goal,” Branson wrote in a blog post on Virgin’s website. 

Citing British philosopher Alan Watts, Branson said that too many people put the emphasis on retirement as the ultimate achievement after a lifetime of education and work. 

“Far too many people live to retire and therefore cheat themselves of an exciting existence,” Branson explained. 

The business mogul said on his birthday last year that he has no plans to retire, but instead chooses to spend much of his time focusing on charity work. 

Like Branson, billionaire Warren Buffett has said he sees no point in retiring when he has a job that makes him “tap dance” to work every day. 

So what does Branson believe our end goal should be?

“Happiness... One epic great thing isn’t coming,” he said. “Every day can be great, so long as we live in the present, stop to enjoy the moment, and find the beauty in each and every day.”

Wise words. 




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