Richard Cowser, Thornwood High School Security Guard, Dies After Breaking Up Student Fight

A 54-year-old security guard at a suburban Chicago high school has died after breaking up a fight between students that was reportedly over a borrowed pair of designer jeans.

According to ABC Chicago, Richard Cowser intervened along with another security officer in a fight between two female students -- aged 17 and 18 -- at Thornwood High School in South Holland, Ill. before 1 p.m. on Thursday.

According to the station, Cowser was injured when he fell or was pushed into a locker during the skirmish and was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

(Scroll down to view a student's cell phone video of the attack, obtained by ABC.)

Janet, Cowser's wife of 21 years, described her husband, who himself was a Thornwood student, as a man who was "always there for me," NBC Chicago reports.

"He was a great man. He took care of me, he guided me," Janet told NBC. "He didn't let us stray and get lost. He was right there, he was the strong one, I was the one who followed right behind him."

An autopsy is slated for Friday and both the students involved and witnesses are being interviewed as part of an investigation into Cowser's death, according to the Chicago Tribune.

District officials are offering no comments on the death but said they are cooperating with police.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: The attack, caught on a student's cell phone and obtained by ABC:



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