Richard Engel: Get Out Of Afghanistan, End War On Terror (VIDEO)

NBC's Richard Engel told Jay Leno that the U.S. should withdraw from Afghanistan and end the "war on terror."

Engel's comments came on Wednesday's "Tonight Show," filmed after President Obama's speech on Afghanistan.
"Time to get out?" Leno asked.

"It's time to have a withdrawal from Afghanistan," he said. "And it's probably time to end the 'global war on terrorism.'"

"Almost nothing and in the end Osama bin Laden was killed by 24 Americans in helicopters. So what did we do in between? All of the ground wars, the Iraq War, which had nothing to do with Al Qaeda. Afghanistan, which is going on now, still going on. And I think that's what needs to end, this chapter in our history."

It's the second time this week that Engel has made outspoken comments about American foreign policy. On Sunday's "Meet The Press," he called the war on terrorism "a war of fear."