Richard Engel Tears Into Obama's Misleading 'Tone' At State Of The Union Address

NBC's Richard Engel had some harsh criticism for the president following his 2015 State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Engel told Brian Williams that many of President Obama's points were misleading, if not entirely fantasized.

“It sounded like the president was outlining a world that he wishes we were all living in but which is very different from the world that you just described," he said.

Engel tore into Obama for his remarks on foreign policy, especially during a time when terrorism is on the rise in Europe and the Islamic State military group remains a major threat.

"This was the year when 2,000 troops were sent back to Iraq and we are being dragged back into the war," Engel continued. "There's not a lot of success stories to be talking about in foreign policy right now."

Engel said that the "general tone" of Obama's speech seemed off, arguing that Obama claimed we were "moving on" and "moving beyond the 9/11 generation."

"It doesn't feel like we necessarily have been able to put that generation behind us," Engel finished.

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