Richard Engel Under Fire In Libya (VIDEO)

WATCH: Richard Engel Under Fire In Libya

UPDATE: Richard Engel appeared on Wednesday's "Rachel Maddow Show" with a fuller report of what happened to him when he came under fire. He was reporting from the rebel front lines in Libya when, he said, there was a series of explosions 50 yards away. To see the report, click here.

ORIGINAL: NBC's chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel had a close call when he was came under fire while reporting in Libya on Wednesday.

In an appearance on Wednesday's "Hardball," Engel played footage that showed him ducking and falling to the ground as several explosions rang out overhead. Speaking to Chris Matthews, Engel said that nobody he was with had been hurt. He said he had been covering the Libyan rebel forces, so presumably the shots came from the Libyan army.


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