Richard Hatch, 'Survivor' Winner, Talks About The Children He Fathered Through Sperm Donation (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Survivor' Winner Got Surprise Decades After Sperm Donation

Long before Richard Hatch received $1 million for winning the first season of "Survivor," he was a college student looking to make some extra money. One way Hatch knew he could earn cash is by becoming a sperm donor -- an opportunity that he says paid approximately $40 per donation, up to three times a week. So, Hatch decided to donate his sperm, not once or twice, but multiple times for nearly two years.

Hatch told "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" that his decision to become a regular sperm donor was not one he took lightly. "I thought quite a while about whether or not to become a sperm donor," Hatch explains in the above video. "I thought about the ethical implications... whether or not kids might someday seek me out. And I decided I wanted to do that."

Two of Hatch's biological children did indeed seek him out. Emily and Devin, both 24, found Hatch through the Donor Sibling Registry and wanted to meet their biological father. "Why did I want to meet Richard? It was kind of cool just to finally say, 'I have a biological dad,'" says Devin. "I have some sense of my origin."

Emily and Devin are just two of Hatch's known biological children and though he is aware that there are likely more, he says the actual number doesn't concern him. "I don't spend a lot of time thinking about how many children I may have fathered," Hatch admits. "I have no way of knowing. I will never have any way of knowing. It seems kind of fruitless to me."

Still, Hatch says if any of his other biological children were to contact him, he would certainly like to meet them. "I'm open to, interested in, would be excited about meeting any of them who were interested in meeting me," he says.

Also in the video, Hatch talks about adopting a son named Chris in 1998 and later being sent to prison for tax evasion, a charge he speaks adamantly about, referring to it as a "nightmare" experience.

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