Richard Heene, Balloon Boy Dad, Returns To Spotlight As 'Aluminum Man' In Bizarre Music Video With Smokey Miles

Balloon Boy's Dad Returns As 'Aluminum Man' In Bizarre Performance

Richard Heene, perhaps more famously known as Balloon Boy's dad, just can't stop. After the balloon boy incident rocketed his family to fleeting international fame, Heene sought to capitalize by pursuing a reality TV show. When that fell through, Heene created the "Bear Scratch," a post you'd use to scratch your back (presumably similar to bears in the wild). Then Richard came up with the HeeneDuty Truck Transformer, a robotic truck lift he has licensed to AME International.

Now... well, your guess is as good as ours. In a recently released YouTube music video, Heene becomes "Aluminum Man," a superhero-type figure that lives in an aluminum can and eats eggs in an aluminum tin. The somewhat bizarre performance by Smokey Miles and Heene features "Count Smokula." Don't get it? Neither do we.

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