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Richard Martinez, Father Of UCSB Shooting Victim: Elliot Rodger's Parents Need Support, Too

Richard Martinez lost his son to Elliot Rodger's spree of violence near the University of California, Santa Barbara, on May 23, but he knows he isn't the only one.

Martinez's son, 20-year-old Christopher Michaels-Martinez, was the last of six victims killed by Rodger. One June 1, just more than a week after his son's death, Martinez met with Peter Rodger, who lost a son himself when Elliot Rodger committed suicide following his crimes.

Martinez told HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill that he feels for Rodger's parents, whose son was unable to overcome his mental illness. Martinez said that whatever pain he and his family are feeling is matched by that of the Rodger family.

"As badly as my family feels and the other families that have suffered from this tragedy, I go down the street and everybody feels sorry for me, everybody offers condolences. Nobody is going to offer condolences to them," Martinez said. "They've lost a son, and not only that, they're devastated by the other people that have died."

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Richard Martinez below.