Richard Nixon's Anti-Gay Rant: Former President Slams TV Series, Roman Rulers In 1970s Audio

An audio recording of former U.S. President Richard Nixon spouting off an anti-gay rant has surfaced.

CNN published an excerpt from the tape, which was apparently recorded sometime during Nixon's time in the Oval Office from 1969-1974. In the clip, Nixon accuses the popular TV series "All in the Family" (which he initially mistakes for a movie) of "glorifying homosexuality,"

"The point that I make is that...I do not think that you glorify, on public television, homosexuality," Nixon proclaims. And the president doesn't stop there -- claiming that homosexuality "destroyed the Greeks," he notes, "Aristotle was a homo, we all know that. So was Socrates ... Homosexuality, immorality in general...these are the enemies of strong societies."

Nixon goes even further in a more complete version of the tape, which can be found on YouTube. In it, he declares, "I don't even want to shake hands with anybody from San Francisco!"

Listen to the unedited version, then scroll down to keep reading:

Nixon was apparently no stranger to anti-gay remarks. When a close aide to President Johnson was caught having sex with a former sailor in a YMCA bathroom, Nixon called the man "ill," and added that such people "cannot be in places of high trust," according to Queerty.

Still, Don Fulsom's 2011 book Nixon's Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America's Most Troubled President claimed that Nixon himself had engaged in a same-sex affair with Charles "Bebe" Rebozo, a Key Biscayne, Fla. banker apparently with ties to the mob.



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