Richard Nixon, George Washington, Al Gore: Top 7 Presidential 'Historical Tweets' (PHOTOS, POLL)

Last week, the Library of Congress acquired every Twitter update in history, but they got more tweets than they bargained for.

Most believe that Twitter was "invented" in 2006, when, in fact, Twitter has always been. Historical tweets date back to the dawn of time, and since the formation of communication itself, Twitter has captured every grunt, word, poem, and nag.

We "Twitterstorians" have captured these updates from the likes of Gandhi, Lincoln, Hitler, Newton, Plato, and even Adam & Eve -- and have compiled the best tweets in history for our site,, and also a brand new book.

Historical Tweets: The Completely Unabridged and Ridiculously Brief History of the World releases April 27, 2010 in bookstores and online in the U.S. and Canada. The book features the best of, and over 80 hilarious tweets from the Vikings, Montezuma, Henry Ford, and, yes, even Helen Keller.

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing the best tweets in history, but today, we offer the top 7 tweets from U.S. presidents:

Presidential Tweets