Richard Phillips' Gossip Girl Cameo Has Us Laughing (PHOTO)

Famous Artist's Cameo On Gossip Girl Makes Us Laugh

Are we surprised that Richard Phillips hopped on over from the Gagosian for a cameo in the rich kid problems drama "Gossip Girl"? Not at all. Given the artist's obsession with pop culture icons like Lindsay Lohan and Sasha Grey, fictional it-girls Blair and Serena were arguably a logical next step.

Phillips' "Spectrum" painting first appeared on Gossip Girl in 2008, but this week the work became the centerpiece of a hot live auction. Phillips is shown chatting at the bar with TV dad Rufus Humphrey when the artist finally makes his way into the "slash actor" category. Rufus is reminiscing about street art from the 1940s -- aka "Dubuffet, Pollock, Ray Johnson," when Phillips interjects, saying, "when artists were the stars of New York. Instead of celebutantes." Oh snap!

Perhaps more exciting for us personally was the appearance by Art Production Fund's Doreen Remen, who, full disclosure, blogs for HuffPost Arts&Culture. Don't mess with this auctioneer, kids! Watch the episode in full here.

See other artists' attempts to make a name for themselves on TV in the slideshow below:

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