Feds: Anti-Obama Vet Tried To Trade Bombs For Cocaine

Feds: Anti-Obama Vet Tried To Trade Bombs For Cocaine
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Federal authorities in Colorado have arrested a 35-year-old man with a "Fire Obama" poster in his window who allegedly worried the Obama administration was going to take away his guns on charges he tried to trade bombs for cocaine.

Richard Sandberg came to the attention of federal authorities after an informant indicated he tried to trade weapons for cocaine, according to an affidavit by ATF task force officer James Anderson. The ATF introduced a separate undercover informant into their investigation who tired to set up a deal with Sandberg. Sandberg allegedly told the informant he was a former Marine who served in Iraq, Somalia, Africa, and Pakistan and the government "paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn how to build bombs and kill people," according to Anderson's affidavit.

Sandberg claimed a right wing declaration of independence/constitutionalist political manifesto and made disparaging remarks about the current administration and them wanting to take away his guns. Sandberg made numerous threatening statements towards law enforcement (LE) and specifically ATF, stating if any LE or ATF came inside his house, to take his guns, it would be a bad day for them and lots of them would die. Sandberg stated that he was ready and willing to die. Sandberg told SA Abraham that no ATF, or LE SWAT team was capable of taking him out of his house, that it would take a US Marine SF Recon team to take him out, because they were the only ones capable.

A local news station said there was a "Fire Obama" sign posted in a second floor window of Sandberg's home. Anderson's whole affidavit is worth a read. It's embedded below.

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