Richard Seppala Show Companies Which Marketing Strategies Actually Work

Richard Seppala, aka "The ROI Guy", shows companies how to identify which marketing strategies provide the highest return on investment, ROI. Mr. Seppala knew "Even from an early age, I was always had that drive, not to be in the limelight, but to be the driving force behind a lot of things." The ROI Guy believes in educating business owners on the best marketing practices to get the most out of every dollar.

Mr. Seppala observed his mother's entrepreneurial skills at work from a very early age. Her home health agency grew and thrived and Mr. Seppala learned by watching his mother's drive to succeed. He knew that he wanted the same success. This road to success began when Mr. Seppala visited his grandparents in nursing homes. He eventually worked for a small assisted living facility before he became the corporate marketing director for approximately 400 different assisted living and nursing homes across the country. Gathering marketing information and understanding ROI, Mr. Seppala struggled with the decision to work for himself. Until, his three-month old son experienced health problems related to his father's absence. As Mr. Seppala states, "It was a life-changing event that really led me into the entrepreneurial world to working for myself, giving me the lifestyle and the time to be with my kids."

He began a consulting business to help companies with their marketing programs. Fortunately, he received a few tips of his own and branded his ROI Guy business. Very quickly, he learned that companies were sending out a splattering of marketing without getting the desired results. According to "The ROI GUY", he changed his approach- "Then I kind of went back to the drawing board and realized that that's the number 1 problem that 90% of all business owners have, is they don't know what their ROI is. They think they know... but they don't really know what's working and what's not, so they just keep doing everything until they have no more money." He decided to use an ROI approach.

An ROI approach in Mr. Seppala's words means, "By making sure that the right message goes to the right person via the right media avenue so they immediately have a connection with their prospects or their potential customers, giving them that opportunity to convert higher, with more productive or I should say more profitable type of clients. As an example, not everybody's going to respond to a direct mail. Not everybody's going to respond to a Facebook ad. Not everybody's going to click on a pay per click online. But there are certain personas, or certain types of people that will individually and respectively."

The ROI Guy teaches businesses how to identify helpful and financially gainful marketing strategies so time and money are not wasted. His company offers continuous coaching to owners which supports all these efforts. Mr. Seppala enlightens companies more when he explains "Kind of in the blueprint nutshell, you can have a segmented, highly targeted marketing approach, where you're actually saving money on your marketing plan, but you're attracting those individuals that you really want, because it's hyper-targeted specifically to those individuals." His company analyzes the current customers and compares them with others in similar businesses to determine which strategies provide the highest ROI. Mr. Seppala's information and consultation services help all types of businesses and he reminds- "One of the lessons we talk about today, is customizing your message to your market." This customized approach brings the highest ROI, increases profits and raises prospects, which are especially helpful for small businesses.