Richard Sherman Shuts Down The Idea That Cam Newton Shouldn't Dance

"Nobody judges you, because nobody is watching."

Throughout his MVP-caliber season, Carolina Panthers standout Cam Newton has received constant waves of criticism, as many have chastised the quarterback for seemingly every move he makes. Most notably, this came in the case of his touchdown celebrations, when he was denounced in November as a bad role model for dabbing in the end zone.

The critiques have been pretty groundless, especially considering the good he does for his community and the truly problematic things that other quarterbacks seem able to get away with.

Asked about the situation at his media session Wednesday, the always honest, ever-direct Richard Sherman said as much, just four days before his Seattle Seahawks match up against Newton’s Panthers in an NFC postseason showdown.

Should Newton be more muted, less emotive on the field, with so many millions of eyes watching him? Has Sherman personally taken issue with the dabbing and the dancing? 

No. You get to the end zone, in an NFL game, you get the right to celebrate. You’ve worked hard. You’re a professional athlete. If you don’t get a chance to celebrate in the pros, when do you get a chance to celebrate? When do you get to show what you can do -- to enjoy yourself?

This is a game. Some people who have never played it, who have never expressed passion, sit behind desks all day and do that. Maybe you celebrate sometimes when you do something great, and nobody judges you, because nobody is watching. As you’re watching him, enjoy it, because he is enjoying it. He can enjoy his craft. If he wants to celebrate, that’s fine.

In other words, let the man dab. Let the quarterback make kids’ days by giving them touchdown balls. Let Newton have his day in the sun, without us feeling the need to tear him down. 

As usual, Sherman’s honesty rings true.


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