Richard Sherman Slams NFL Hypocrisy With Help From A Cardboard Cutout

Richard Sherman Slams NFL Hypocrisy With Help From A Cardboard Cutout

Loquacious Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman appeared at a press conference Tuesday with a cardboard cutout of teammate Doug Baldwin. Then things really got strange.

Sherman talked to the silhouette -- with Baldwin crouched behind it -- in a comic protest of NFL policies. He began by addressing a $100,000 fine the league levied on teammate Marshawn Lynch for not talking to the media. "They wouldn't have even paid him that much if he had talked," Sherman said.

He then segued into a dig at the NFL rule that forbids players from displaying or wearing products from non-NFL sponsors 90 minutes before and after a game. "But you know who pays me a lot of money?" he asked. "Beats by Dre, the wonderful headphones I wear. But the league doesn't let me say anything about them. Doug, why is that?"

Answered Baldwin, hidden behind the cardboard cutout: "I don't know. Sounds kind of hypocritical to me."

ESPN reported that Sherman later apologized to reporters for the routine.

The network also noted that while Sherman may disagree with some of the rules, he also benefits from them. Players receive 45 percent of the revenue from league endorsement deals, ESPN wrote, and Sherman personally benefits directly from his relationship with Campbell's Soup because the league also has marketing ties with Campbell's.

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