This Richard Sherman Fan Met Waka Flocka And It Got Awkward Fast

"Sup, Richard Sherman?"

Meet Richard Sherman.

Sherman is the Seattle Seahawks’ standout cornerback, whose takes on life, liberty and the hypocrisy of the NFL are ever astute and honest. Sherman has played in the Pro Bowl. Sherman has won a Super Bowl. Sherman is 6-foot-3.

Now, meet Waka Flocka Flame.

Waka Flocka is a popular rapper, known for such billboard hits as "O Let's Do It" and “No Hands.” Waka Flocka has never played in the Pro Bowl or won a Super Bowl. Waka Flocka is also, apparently, 6-foot-3, but most importantly for our purposes here, Waka Flocka is definitively not Richard Sherman.

A series of people – often in or near airports – have mixed up the pair in recent months, with the latest incident coming as a woman confused the artist for the athlete on a plane just this past weekend.

Please stop confusing Richard Sherman and Waka Flocka.



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