Richard Sherman's Dad: I'm Proud My Son Said 'All Lives Matter'

"It’s not to say that we don’t care about black lives..."

Richard Sherman has a proud supporter of his decision to use the phrase “all lives matter” regarding race relations in the U.S.

Sherman’s dad, Kevin Sherman, shared his two cents Tuesday with TMZ Sports surrounding the criticism his son has received since speaking out on police violence by using the controversial phrase. For the dad, he views a positive connection between the “all lives matter” and “black lives matter” discussion.

“We’ve watched young black lives die, at the hands of other black men. So it’s not to say that we don’t care about black lives, because we care a whole lot about black lives because of where we come from,” the Compton-native explained to TMZ. “These particular two opinions about black lives matter and all lives matter, they’re reaching for the same goal ― to stop killing each other.”

For some, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback’s comments regarding race relations didn’t come as a surprise. During a weekly NFL media session in September 2015, the Stanford alum noted that if more athletes used their public platforms to speak out about social issues in America “we’d be in a better place as a society and as a culture.”

Sherman’s personal decision to address such topics is one of the reasons why his father “values” his opinion.

“I’m proud of everything my son does,” Kevin Sherman told TMZ. “I’m proud of how he stands up to say anything about anything that has controversy. Most people won’t say anything. He takes a stand and he believes what he believes.”


Check out more of Kevin Sherman’s thoughts in the clip above.

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