Richard Simmons Run Over By Driver In Hollywood Hills: Fitness Guru's Foot Injured (VIDEO)

Richard Simmons' Hilarious Reaction To Having His Foot Run Over

Fitness guru Richard Simmons is "Sweatin' To The Oldies" with a limp today, after a car ran over his foot, reports TMZ.

The incident took place near the 64-year-old's Hollywood Hills home, and miraculously was caught on tape.

Simmons was chatting away with some passengers on a tour bus, when a passing car ran right over his foot. When the driver realized what happened, he stopped the car and went to make sure Simmons was all right.

The driver apologized and Simmons insisted that he need not worry about it:

"No, it's bleeding, but don't worry about it. The blood is dripping ... No, it's fine," he tells the man who ran over his foot "No, I'm fine, I promise. I'm fine, seriously."

When the car drives away, Simmons' reaction is just hilarious, as he lets out a piercing scream, before breaking into laughter. Though Simmons appears to brush off the accident and even offers to take photos with the tourists, the injury was more serious than it seemed.

A rep for the fitness advocate told TMZ that Simmons is currently at the hospital getting his foot checked out, but that "he will be fine."

We hope Simmons recovers quickly, so he can get back to doing what he does best:

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