Richard Spencer Gets Dragged On Twitter After Tweet To Aziz Ansari

Delete your account.

In case you missed it, alt-right leader Richard Spencer was punched in the face while being interviewed on-camera after President Donald Trump’s inauguration. You’d think after that he’d lay low for a while, but instead Spencer took to social media.

On Sunday evening, Spencer tweeted at Aziz Ansari in response to the comedian’s monologue during his “Saturday Night Live” appearance this weekend.

Ansari’s monologue involved a mention of the alt-right movement and the sort of “casual white supremacy” that he described as the “lowercase KKK” movement.

“The problem is, there’s a new group ... I’m talking about this tiny slice of people who have gotten way too fired up about the Trump thing for the wrong reasons,” Ansari said in the bit. “I’m talking about these people that, as soon as Trump won, they’re like, ‘We don’t have to pretend like we’re not racist anymore! We don’t have to pretend anymore! We can be racist again! Woo!’” 

He elaborates by saying these are the sort of people who tell individuals like him to “go back to where you came from.”

Clearly trying to be snarky (and failing), Spencer tweeted at the comedian and asked if he’d been “triggered.” 

Wrong move, Spence.

The internet exploded at this, causing nearly 3,000 people to respond to the tweet. Most with the same general idea.

The internet really wanted Spencer to know who was the one “triggered” here.

Because, well, Spencer was the one who “cried” in the video uploaded to Twitter where he got punched. After the punch and tweet backlash, Spencer tweeted out a very AIM profile–esque quote:

Ansari has yet to respond to the tweet, but we’ll be sure to update this if he does.



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