Richard Trumka: Romney 'Doesn't Know A Thing About Responsibility'

Romney 'Doesn't Know A Thing About Responsibility': Labor Leader

Speaking to union workers in swing state Nevada, the head of the AFL-CIO is expected to take some big swipes at presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Tuesday, blasting the candidate as someone who "doesn't know a thing about responsibility."

"He doesn’t care about hard work and responsibility," Richard Trumka, the union federation's president, will say according to prepared remarks. "Hey, it was profitable for him to bleed companies, kill jobs, end pensions in bankruptcy court and then walk away with millions. What did he care?"

The labor leader has been attacking Romney for weeks, casting the former Massachusetts governor as a venture capitalist who doesn't share the values of everyday workers. Trumka's remarks on Tuesday seem aimed at Romney on a more personal level, calling his moral character into question.

"I don’t think he knows anything about the American dream," Trumka will say, according to the prepared remarks. "Mitt Romney’s word is not his bond. It’s his convenience."

The Romney campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As head of the largest federation of unions, Trumka has been one of the loudest critics of Romney's time at Bain Capital, claiming repeatedly that the firm's investments came at the expense of middle-class workers. The AFL-CIO endorsed President Barack Obama in March and has the largest union-affiliated super PAC, Workers Voice, which is expected to roll out a considerable ground game in the runup to the November election.

Trumka will be delivering the speech to a convention of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers union in Las Vegas.

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