Richer, Stronger, Safer, Freer

We all want to be richer, stronger, safer, and freer. Who wouldn’t?

And we can be. The answer is not a pill, a diet, a religion or a political party or candidate, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

The solution is immigrants. More immigrants. We need them. And the more we accept, the richer, stronger, safer and freer we will all become.

Richer: Immigrants make us all richer in many ways, large and small. They create and own businesses that hire Americans. Immigrants are consumers, fueling demand for products and services that require an American workforce. And as the native-born workforce ages-out and retires, young immigrant workers contribute to our Social Security safety net.

Stronger: India, China and other nations are challenging our national supremacy in some products and services. A robust, vibrant, nimble, innovating American economy is essential to regaining and maintaining our position of choice in the global economy.

Safer: Moving undocumented immigrants out of the shadow economy and into the documented, tax-paying economy puts a big bite on the smugglers, “coyotes,” traffickers and assorted criminals who victimize immigrants and Americans alike.

Freer: Our immigration infrastructure, from walls to drones to ICE agents on your block and Department of Labor inspectors at your business, is expensive and very intrusive, pushing the boundaries of personal privacy and business paperwork. Making legal immigration easier will reduce the need for this ominous “security state.”

Call your Senators and Representatives today. Tell them two things: 1) Voting “YES” on pro-immigrant legislation will NOT hurt their chances for reelection (which is, sometimes, all they really care about); and 2) Accepting more immigrants will make all Americans richer, stronger, safer and freer.

And if you have friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers who already have “green cards,” encourage them to become naturalized U.S. citizens so that they may register and vote.

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