Mom's Theory About How Her Privileged Son Ended Up Homeless

Christopher, 27, grew up in a well-to-do family, went to college and landed a good job with a six-figure income. He lived in a beautiful home and drove a nice car. Now, though, he lives in a tent in the woods.

"He had all that, and he lost it," says his mother, Brenda, adding that she knows why.

"My son Christopher and his girlfriend, Tabatha, are in an addictive relationship," Brenda says. "It's destroying their lives, and they don't realize it. ... Ever since they've been together he's been making one bad choice after the other, which has resulted in him losing his dream job. He's been arrested; he's been homeless; he's been living in snake-infested woods. He's lost everything, and we are estranged as a family."

Christopher readily acknowledges he has made bad decisions that have left him struggling, but he insists Tabatha is not to blame. "She has been a really good guiding compass for me," he says.

"Tabatha and I don't want to spend time apart," Christopher says. "We love each other. We are each other's best friends. I would definitely describe my relationship with Tabatha as a Romeo-and-Juliet situation. I come from money and a really great family life, where she comes from quite the opposite."

Could Tabatha's more modest upbringing be why Brenda is so displeased? Watch the video above to see how she responds to Christopher's comparison to Romeo and Juliet, and see more from this episode here.