Richie Bragg: Dog Saves Boy From Bee Attack (VIDEO)

In this video from CNN, 9-year-old Richie Bragg was playing in his yard when he noticed the swarm of bees. After a few stung his foot, he ran for the house, but avoided any more stings thanks to an unlikely hero.

Only 18 weeks old, Richie's puppy, Pinky, jumped in and distracted the bees upon seeing the boy in distress. The bees then focused on Pinky, stinging her more than 40 times, while Richie made it safely into the house. Pinky may not have survived if she had arrived at the veterinarian any later, and Richie -- who has a condition that prevents his blood from quickly clotting -- may have been in a much worse situation were it not for Pinky's intervention.

Both Pinky and Richie are recovering and doing well.