Richmond International Airport Evacuated After 'Serious' Threat (UPDATE)

The Richmond International Airport was evacuated this morning after a threatening phone call.

The airport, located in Richmond, Va., received the threat just after 6 a.m., according to the Associated Press and the airport's Twitter page. The airport was then evacuated, as customers left the terminal en masse.

Police and canine units began sweeping the airport after 8 a.m. By about 9:30 a.m., all public areas were clear and the terminal was reopened, according to the Times-Dispatch.

Earlier, the airport tweeted, "RIC received a threat by phone, deemed serious enough to evacuate the terminal as a precautionary measure."

Several arriving and departing flights were delayed at the airport, which has one terminal, according to its website. As many as 200 passengers were waiting outside the terminal along the roads before parking areas were cleared by a sweep. Those customers were then allowed to access their vehicles and leave, but arriving passengers were not immediately allowed to enter the garages.



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