Rick Astley Releases New Single And We Swear It’s Not A Rickroll

We knew he'd never run around and desert us.

After 23 years of retirement, Rick Astley has released a new single -- and it’s not only not a Rickroll, but it’s actually pretty good.

The "Never Gonna Give You Up" singer -- whose hit '80s single is often disguised in unrelated hyperlinks (a gag called Rickrolling) -- debuted his single “Keep Singing” Wednesday, to what seems to be pleasant surprise and acclaim.

Many social media users admitted to clicking the link to his video purely to see if they’d been Rickrolled.

"I was expecting a rickroll with 99.99% certainty," one Reddit user commented.

“I am surprised at how good this is though,” a YouTube viewer wrote.

“I knew Rick was never gotta give us up,” someone else added.

Astley, speaking British morning show "Lorraine," said he never stopped creating music after retiring in the '90s but only now felt comfortable enough to release an album, coinciding nicely with his 50th birthday.

"I've always dabbled with things, I've just never been really desperate to make a record again. But I just feel comfortable enough to do it again," he said.

Astley’s album is due for release later this year, according to his website.

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