Rick Gorka, Romney 'Kiss My A--' Spokesman, Taking A Break From Campaign

The Mitt Romney aide whose profane outburst at reporters became one of the lowlights of the Republican's overseas trip is taking a break from the campaign, ABC News reported Thursday.

Rick Gorka, Romney's traveling press spokesman, vaulted to a new level of prominence after he told reporters in Poland shouting questions at Romney to "kiss my ass" and "shove it." He said they needed to "show some respect" because Romney was visiting the country's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The incident divided the commentariat, with some, like Jon Stewart, lampooning Gorka's temper, while others, like National Review editor, saying he had acted admirably in the face of inappropriate questioning by journalists.

Overall, Gorka got quite a bit more attention than he and the campaign would likely have wanted for the incident. He ran straight into the buzzsaw of a press corps steaming at the lack of access they were getting to the candidate, and became what all campaigns fear the most: a distraction.

An unnamed Romney aide told ABC that he is "taking some time off the trail." Another unnamed Romney aide told Politico on Friday that Gorka will return next week. Romney is currently on a swing through Colorado.



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