The 'Rick And Morty' Finale Blew Off America, And It Didn't End Well

“Today we celebrate our independence ... from #RICKANDMORTY.”

“Rick and Morty” took an interesting turn on Sunday when the dimension-hopping duo angered the President in the series’ season three finale. 

The episode revolved around Rick going to war with the President, a character voiced by Keith David. It all started when Rick and Morty “blew off America” to go play Minecraft and things just got worse from there.

Fans might have had mixed reactions about the completely senseless episode, but at least they could try to piece things together on Twitter.

Basically, the President declared independence from Rick and Morty the way real-life fans wish they could be released from the show’s death grip on our hearts. But in the end, just like us, the character realized he needed Rick.

Only after a whole lot of nonsensical disasters and peace in the Middle East, though. And Beth still doesn’t know if she’s a clone or not.