Rick Owens' Epic Step Team Fashion Show Inspires Beautifully Diverse Editorial (PHOTOS)

It's been nearly six months since Rick Owens' Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show took place in Paris, but we just can't stop talking about it -- and for good reason. The designer sent a slew of traditional African-American step teams down the runway to show off his wears and inevitably promote the importance of both racial and body diversity within the fashion industry.

Owens' message and clothing have now found themselves at the center of AnOther Magazine's newest editorial. Katie Shillingford, the glossy's fashion director, teamed up with photographer, Matthew Stone and created images that captured the fearlessness of Owens' now iconic presentation.

"I think it was very admirable that a designer with such a big brand, who is commercially successful too, had made such a brave choice," Shillingford said. "There is not enough of that in the fashion industry today, no one is brave enough to take a risk because everyone is worried about selling clothes."

The series of clothed and nude photos, which are reminiscent of old world paintings, were cast with real people (pulled from the street and friends of friends) and a few professional plus-size models.

"I wanted to applaud this fearless move and celebrate women of all colours and sizes," Shilligford explained. "That's also why I wanted to show a lot of nudity, because for me it wasn't just about clothes, it was about a really powerful message and putting that into print form."

With the fashion industry still struggling with racial diversity and body image, it's encouraging to see stories like this being created.

Here's a look at AnOther Magazine's Spring/Summer 2014 fashion feature. Click here to see more and read the full article. What do you think?

rick owens another magazine

rick owens another magazine

rick owens another magazine

Here's a look back at the fashion show that inspired it...

Rick Owens Spring 2014 RTW