Rick Perry, Texas Governor, Confronted By Dartmouth Students With Questions About Anal Sex

Rick Perry got much more than he bargained for last week when he delivered a campaign speech ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

The governor of Texas stopped by Dartmouth College, in Hanover, N.H., to discuss "border security, energy initiatives, and foreign policy," according to student newspaper The Dartmouth, but some in attendance at the speech had a different idea.

The politician received a number of questions about homosexuality and sex during his appearance, such as “[do] you dislike bootysex because the peeny goes in where the poopy comes out?” and "would you have anal sex for $102 million?"

Perry reportedly didn't respond to the students and deflected the questions about anal sex. However, he did stay and pose for selfies with students following the event.

The Dartmouth columnist Emily Sellers, who asked the question about having anal sex for $102 million, wrote a piece after the conference that explained her decision to attempt to engage Perry in this kind of a conversation.

I asked Perry if he would have anal sex for $102 million, which is the amount of campaign contributions he received during his multiple runs for governor. As Packer explained, 'This particular question occurred in the background of Perry’s moral opposition to anal sex (which we are criticizing), and was motivated by the fact that if Perry has any moral boundaries that have not been carefully selected by a team of campaign managers to appeal to specific constituencies, he has almost certainly had to violate those moral boundaries for campaign contributions.' The power Perry has accumulated is large and threatening.

Our intention was not to make Perry change his mind, nor was it to make him leave. If anyone reads the circulated sheet, the intention is clear: it is to mock the individual and the event. It is to send the message that those in power do not deserve respect if they use that power for ill. A person deserves respect based on their actions, not their status.?

Head here to read Sellers' full column.

Perry has not responded to the incident and a spokesperson for the governor did not provide a comment when contacted by The Huffington Post. However, many students at Dartmouth were not impressed by the incident. The Dartmouth notes that the presidents of both College Republicans and College Democrats spoke out against their peers' controversial questions.



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