Rick Perry Makes Texas-Sized Geography Gaffe

Texas Governor Rick Perry may want to brush up on his geography.

According to Politico, the Lone Star State Republican and chairman of the Republican Governors Association inaccurately called Juarez, Mexico "the most dangerous city in America" when speaking with reporters on Monday. The gaffe reportedly came in a criticism Perry made against the Obama administration for its handling of issues related to border security.

Last year, Perry signaled a willingness to consider deploying U.S. troops to Mexico in effort to combat drug war violence. The Dallas Morning News reported that after confirming his position in an appearance on MSNBC, the Texas governor said, "I think we have to have any aspect of law enforcement that we have including the military."

Perry also expressed his strong desire to see Mexican drug cartels "defeated" at the time. He said, "And any means we can to run these people off our border and to save Americans' lives we have to be engaged in."

On Monday, Perry reportedly corrected his geography mistake after the misstep was brought to his attention by a staffer.