Rick Perry Parties With Donald Trump, Kendall Jenner

Rick Perry Parties With A Kardashian Sister

If you're a GOP primary candidate like Rick Perry, things have been a bit stressful lately. Between the debates, the interviews and the constantly defending all the dumb statements you make, sometimes you just need to blow off some steam.

Which must be why Rick Perry, Texas governor and presidential hopeful, hit the Fashion Week party circuit in New York last night.

Gawker reported that Perry hung out with Donald Trump and attended the Sherri Hill show, which took place at Trump Tower.

Walking in the show was Kendall Jenner, the little Kardashian sister who didn't walk in Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn show and had previously declined fashion opportunities in favor of school. Looks like that's down the drain, as Jenner took to the runway last night modeling several different looks.

According to Page Six, Rick Perry rushed backstage after the show and chatted with Jenner. But apparently the GOP candidate is actually more a Jenner fan than a Kardashian fan; writes the Post:

"Perry chatted with Kendall briefly but lit up when The Donald chimed in about her former Olympian dad, 'She’s Bruce Jenner’s daughter.'"

We're trying to picture Donald Trump, Rick Perry and Kendall Jenner all sitting and having a conversation together, but we really can't.

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