Rick Perry Ended Up Greeting Obama On The Tarmac After All

Governor Rick Perry ended up greeting President Barack Obama on the tarmac in Texas after all.

Despite the Republican's refusal of Obama's initial invitation, Perry turned up at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport after the president agreed to a "substantive meeting" with Perry to discuss the recent surge of unaccompanied children at the U.S.-Mexico border:


A White House pool report offered details on the encounter:

Perry, in a dark suit and blue tie, stood alone for a couple minutes at the bottom of the steps, awaiting the president.

Obama walked straight to Perry, hand outstretched. They shook hands and Obama patted Perry on the back. They quickly struck up a conversation as they walked toward Marine One. Sadly, the pool was far out of range and could not hear the discussion.

According to White House press secretary Josh Earnest, the pair were set to discuss the border while en route to Dallas Love Field Airport on Marine One. Previously, Perry had criticized the president for offering what he described as a "quick handshake on the tarmac."

Perry has been an outspoken critic of Obama's handling of the situation at the border, suggesting that there may be some sort of conspiracy behind the increase in immigrants crossing the border illegally.

"I have to believe that when you do not respond in any way, that you are either inept, or you have some ulterior motive of which you are functioning from," Perry said during an interview with ABC News earlier this week.



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