Rick Perry Protesters Call Texas Governor 'Chicken' For Not Debating Opponent Bill White (VIDEO)

Don't worry chicken fans, your avian friends are back on the political scene. Just when you thought the birds had gone the way of Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowden, protesters -- including one in a chicken suit -- appeared at a Rick Perry press conference this week to call the Texas Governor a "chicken" for continually refusing to debate Democratic challenger Bill White.

GOP strategist Royal Masset told the Houston Chronicle over the weekend that he thought a debate between Perry and White was unlikely.

"There's a real probability we won't have a debate. I just don't think Rick sees it in his interest to have one," Masset said. "All he'd be doing is giving name ID to an opponent."

Perry's campaign was holding out on a proposed debate until White released his income tax returns for the years he served as mayor of Houston. White made these records public earlier this month, however, and again called for a gubernatorial debate. Perry's camp has responded with new demands for additional financial records, but has refused to address the issue of a meeting between the two candidates in a public forum.