Rick Perry Made An Inadvertent Sex Joke During His Confirmation Hearing


It was another “Oops!” moment for Rick Perry.

Senators grilled the former Texas governor on Thursday during his confirmation hearing for energy secretary. The lawmakers questioned Perry on climate science and renewable energy, and brought up his threats to actually cut the department during the 2012 presidential campaign ― a threat he famously made while forgetting the name of the agency itself. But when it was Sen. Al Franken’s turn to question Perry, things went a bit awry.

Referring to a private meeting they’d had earlier, Franken (D-Minn.) asked Perry, “Did you enjoy meeting me?”

Without a trace of irony, Perry replied, “I hope you’re as much fun on that dais as you were on that couch.”

After the crowd erupted in laughs, Perry quickly backtracked.

“May I rephrase that?” he said. “I think we’ve found our ‘Saturday Night Live’ sound bite.”

“Oh my lord,” Franken replied. “Let’s move on.”

Behold the supreme awkwardness in the clip above.

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