Rick Perry 'Strong' Commercial Parodies: Our 7 Favorites (VIDEO)

The Best Rick Perry 'Strong' Parodies

Rick Perry's latest campaign ad, a thirty second spot entitled "Strong", has been slammed in the media as both anti-gay and culturally insensitive, and has stirred up the biggest controversy in the GOP camp since Herman Cain's affair. Or wait, maybe his sexual harassment charges. Or no, that time Perry couldn't remember his platform during a debate. Well, definitely one of those three things.

Anyway, he's been widely parodied across the Internet over the past week, with everything from sarcastic lists to a single-topic Tumblr making their way into the mainstream. What's more, the ad officially has more dislikes on YouTube than Rebecca Black's "Friday."

The most popular method of poking fun at the commercial, though, has been parody videos. Everyone from The Second City to National Lampoon to Funny Or Die has taken a swing at the ad, and to pretty awesome results.

We've gathered our favorites below.

Rick Perry Strong Commercial Parodies

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